Paw-Paw Foundation

Welome to the Paw-Paw Foundation

The Paw-Paw Foundation provides funding to charities, projects and people who dedicate their lives to uplift, feed, educate and engage disadvantaged communities. Help us help them by making a donation. We support over ten charities and orphanages in and around Kwazulu Natal, Mozambique and various other areas of South Africa.  We have a feeding scheme called the Ziphakele Gardens that we have set up in Cape Town, Durban, Inchanga and Lesotho. We focus on an assortment of self-help projects in order to maintain long term self-sustainment for disadvantaged people.

Interesting Begginings 

It all began with a beautiful, perfectly ripe Paw-Paw, given to businessman Paul Myers, many years ago by a staff member.  While waiting for a Robot to change colour, Paul looked for some change to give to a beggar and finding he had none, decided to hand over his coveted Paw-Paw. He passed on his blessing. This selfless act, started the Idea for the Paw-Paw foundation, which, in the years to follow would see hundreds of organisation and thousands of underprivileged individuals benefitting. Read More

Charity Funding 

The Paw-Paw Foundation aims to be the financial support for projects, charities and initiatives, that focuses on the underprivileged and disadvantaged and bettering the lives of others. There is so much poverty and strife in the world, one does not know where to begin to help. The Paw-Paw Foundation was started with the aim of trying to bring about the end to some suffering that many people in Africa have to endure. We call on everyone to donate. Read More


The Paw-Paw Foundation supports a variety of charities across South Africa and Africa, including Mozambique and Uganda. In addition to funding, we facilitate skills development and sustainable living by implementing innovative ways for disadvantaged families to grow their own vegetables, with limited space and water. Ziphakele Gardens is one such project; the unique design enables families to grow vegetables in small spaces, using limited water supplies. Read More

CEO Kim Matthews awarded the Living Legend Award by the eThekwini Municipality

Some of The Paw-Paw Foundation Beneficiaries