Paw-Paw Foundation

Malacca Road

In the affluent suburb of Durban North, there is an informal settlement called Malacca Road which came to our attention a few years ago. The people who live in this settlement are exceptionally poor and are vulnerable to the elements. The Paw-Paw Foundation has come alongside them and we try to help as much as possible. We source building materials, especiallyfrom sites where people are doing renovations and we look out for furniture that people no longer use. This year we have been able to give them corrugated iron and other materials to help them patch up their shacks.
We also had a big drive in winter to get blankets for the many children who live there. We have been able to bring them food occasionally and help transport the adults to government meetings which they would otherwise miss. They are a very innovative group of people and we are always so fascinated by the way that they appreciate everything we bring them and especially, find a use for things that we throw away!