Paw-Paw Foundation

Theresa's Orphanage


For the past four years we have been partnering with a wonderful woman named Theresa Gwala, to try to make a difference in the lives of 21 orphans / vulnerable children. Theresa was born in Inchanga, but left the area to get married and become a nurse. Her husband was a successful businessman and they lived a good life in Umlazi. A few years ago he died and Theresa decided to return to Inchanga and try to make a difference in the lives of a few of the many orphans who live in the area. She moved back into her home and took in 19 children between the ages of a few months to 16 years old. She registered her orphanage with the Department of Social Services and called it the ‘Sbusiswe Children’s Home’. Unfortunately, the house was in a state of disrepair and she found it difficult to feed and clothe all the children. We stepped in to help and also encouraged others to help her. So far the house has been painted and vertical / ‘Ziphakele’ vegetable gardens were planted. A new building has been built outside to accommodate the boys. We have been able to give her a completely new kitchen (which was donated) and this has made a huge difference. We acquired a new washing machine and some furniture. Fifteen of the children participate in our skills development program and study music once a week at the Durban Music School. At Easter, we gave the family a party and a brand new keyboard. Regularly donations of food, clothes, blankets, toiletries and household cleaning materials are sent to help Theresa continue her unselfish dedication to and good work with these children. Without the help of the Paw-Paw Foundation,this family wouldn’t have regular food and the help they need to survive.

Once a year we spend many days taking all the children to Hammersdale to get registered and fingerprinted so that  they can receive their grants. This process takes many days and we supply the transport and food needed on these occasions music School.